Team Options

‘Team Options’ allows you to create a custom list identifying the jobs, skills, and passions for the volunteers that give their time to your pantry.

Imagine you are having a big event in which you need many volunteers that can drive for you during the event. By assigning someone the ‘pantry driver’ team option in their record, it becomes easy for you to pull a list of all those who drive, along with their contact information. To customize these options, go to Settings > Team Options. You will notice we have some standard options already available.

‘Team Options’ are assigned to each team member in their profile. This can be done when the profile is being set up for the first time or by editing later if their options change. (see Manage Team for more information)

To create a new ‘Team Option’, click on 'Create Team Option’ next to the gold key. Fill in the information and click ‘Save’.

Value: This is the name of the position you are creating.

Tracking Method: You have your choice to assign the position to one tracking method or all.

Display in Schedule Printout: To display this position on the printable PDF schedule, set as ‘Show’. (see Manage Outreach for more information)

Status: If you want this position to show as a choice in the ‘Team Options’ list, in a team member record, set as ‘Show’.

You can edit and delete ‘Team Options’ by clicking on the appropriate link.

Note: A few interesting options we’ve seen over the years are, carpentry, sewing, willing to come when shorthanded, CPR certified, locksmith, contractor and electrician.

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