Simple to Setup & Use; Secure as Online Banking; Affordable at $29.95 per Month; Inventory +$20.00 per month (requires a FBM subscription); Point of Sale +$5.00 per month (requires inventory); No Start-up Fees; Supports USDA & other Programs; Fully Customizable; Unlimited Logins Included; Phone & Email Support Included; Coaching & Training Included; Custom Fields for Clients, Visits, Donors & Volunteers; Private Database for each Pantry; 100% Client, Donor & Volunteer Privacy; Pre-made and Custom Reporting; All Data Available 24/7/365; Automatic Daily Backups; Built for Pantries by Pantries; Supports Electronic Signatures & Barcodes; Simplifies your Work; Manages Client Visit Frequency; Auto-detects Client Eligibility Requirements; Visit Management Across your Association of Pantries; Relevant for Today’s Industry

Cloud Based Tracking Database for Food Banks & Pantries!

The most Comprehensive Insight into Charitable Distributions.

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Stay Viable

Save money and man hours by moving away from conventional methods and procedures that consume time and resources. FBM is the future for distribution management.

Hunger Justice

Means more resources being available to everyone when distributed fairly and equitably for the clients that depend on your services.

Peace of mind

Knowing you are invested in a product that serves not only your clients, but you and your volunteers.

Individualized Demographics

Grantors desire more detailed, high quality and consistent demographic data. FBM makes it simple to provide the consistent, relevant and accurate data funders require.

It’s smart to use FBM

Free training and support. No software to install. No security worries. You own your data. Automating your system saves you countless man hours and allows you to do what's needed to insure your continued success.

Create Uniformity

Stay in compliance with state rules and government program requirements within your pantry or across a network of pantries by using consistent and accurate data collection methods that FBM provides.


Our outstanding support staff are here for you. We are available to you by phone, email, webinars and carrier pigeons on your schedule.

Go Green!

Use our electronic signatures and digital reporting and end the madness that paper causes. Save a tree or two!

5,026,000+ visits processed using FoodBank Manager last year.

34,600+ volunteers used FoodBank Manager to process those visits.


"I wanted to touch base and let you know that we have been so happy with our implementation of FBM. I’m getting comfortable with the reports, and our team has been very happy with the switch over. I just received this feedback from one of our program managers, and it speaks well of the system you have developed. We couldn’t be more grateful! “Thank you so much for your help. That was the easiest report I’ve completed thus far and with this one, I actually feel like my numbers are accurate.”

"Thanks again for all you have done to get us up and running. I couldn’t be more pleased with the system. While I was initially nervous about the reports, I am now blown away by all the different ways we can explore our data."

Gwen H.
Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas

"We have been using Food Bank Manager for the last 4 years, and the improvement over our old system is remarkable!  It took no time at all to train all of our volunteers to use it, and it makes it so easy that we can log into the program from several different work stations.  In addition to our Delivery Food Bank ministry, we also use Food Bank Manager to record and track all of our other ministry info, including Utility, Rent, Prescription, and Transportation Assistance.  Don has been extremely responsive when we've had the odd tech issue, and always comes back with a solution the same day.  Transferring all of our old data was easy, and they walked us through every step.  We'd absolutely recommend Food Bank Manager to any of our partner organizations!"

Aleah P.
Pastoral Associate, All Saints Parish

"Mattawa Area Food Bank is located in southeastern Washington in an area of vineyards and fruit trees.  We implemented FoodBank Manager nearly 3 years ago after struggling with very inadequate software that did not meet our needs.   Before our beginning with FoodBank Manager, there was the usual reticence to try something new and most significantly, have to learn something new.  However, the learning curve was short and our volunteers' slightly reluctance soon gave way to "wish we had done this sooner!"   We began at the beginning, setting up our database, incorporating the bar code readers and exploring the software to choose what to focus on right away.  There were very few bumps in the road at first, which is not unusual when getting accustomed to a new way.  The benefit of being able to do our necessary reporting quickly and easily was soon taken for granted.  Even though we experienced some significant changes in our volunteer staff, those changes were relatively painless.  We are now in the process of reaching out to the communities we serve with one of the goals being a program of home delivery for those who cannot actually come to the facility.   With the benefit of FoodBank Manager, incorporating these new programs is simple.  Also, our ability to attract and keep good volunteers is a very straightforward process that allows us to keep track of our volunteer information, attendance, a reward system among other things.  All in all, our decision to change to FoodBank Manager was a very positive and worthwhile decision.  Our plan is to continue with FoodBank Manager and continue to do so, fulfilling our mission, for a long time to come."

Barbara W.
Secretary-Treasurer / Board of Directors, Mattawa Area Food Bank

"I am very pleased with the Foodbank Manager software. It has made checking in our clients very simple and streamlined. We find it to be very user friendly and customizable to our needs. The ability to be cloud based has really expanded the possibilities of access as well. We also find the customer service to be wonderful. All of this for a low price is a great value!"

Tom M.
Elder, Connect Pastor, Cedar Springs Community Church

"North County Food Pantry in Elk WA. has been using FoodBank Manager since February of 2017.  We are absolutely delighted with the program. The program is easy to use. We can easily make corrections, delete an entry, edit notes, process visits or add new clients. Everyone was excited about our switchover to FBM. Our volunteers and staff did a webinar training. We came in on a Monday ready to switch.  We are very pleased with the program and highly recommend it."

Joe & Sandra H.
Directors, North County Food Pantry

"Thank you for developing such a great database system. We have been using it for almost 2 years and it has been instrumental in our organizational growth and development."

Jonathan V.
Executive Director, Plenty!

"I can honestly tell you that it was FoodBank Manager that helped me elevate Food For Greater Elgin to where it is today... so thank YOU for creating a fantastic system. I have spent my career in non-profit management, and have never had such craftable data prior to five/six years ago when I started using FoodBank Manager."

Michelle F.
Food For Greater Elgin

"As a tech professional and volunteer at my local food pantry, I spoke with numerous companies to find the right system. Food Bank Manager was the only one that stood out. Don was able to answer ALL of the technical questions I had prior to purchasing the system. It's very seldom that you work with the same person from sales through implementation and support, which added incredible value for our organization! At the end of the day we have an affordable, scalable system that is user friendly and world class support that saves us staff hours and helps us serve our customers more efficiently."

Christina H.
Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry

"Food Bank Manager has saved my organization countless man hours. We used to operate using pen and paper. This software has allowed us to vitually go paperless. You can't beat it for the price!"

Cory E.
Jewish Family & Children's Service