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Adding a Field for All Others Living in the Home Collect demographic data on ‘others’ living in the home.
Adding a Location Step by Step guide on how to add another location.
Camera Configuration Make identifying a person easier. Add a picture to guest and team member records.
Cancel a Visit Follow these steps to make sure you cancel a visit correctly.
Changing from Trial to Subscription If your trial is over and you want to continue using FBM, here is how to change your account to a paid subscription.
Changing the Name of a Location If your name changes or you wish to change the name of your location download this document.
iPad Setup for Signatures Steps to configure your iPad to start taking signatures.
Merge Duplicate Guests If you have entered a guest multiple times, you can combine their records.
Pairing a Device Connecting your signature device to your computer to take guest signatures during a visit.
Refresher for Client Intake This is a visual reminder of how to process a visit. Great for volunteers who are computer shy.
Reservations Set a specific day and time for a guest to come see you.
Reset Password Forgot your password? Learn how to fix it here.
Searching by Others in the Household This ia a work around that will allow you to search for others in the household.
Signing Up for a Trial Like what you see? Sign up for a free 30-day trial.
Update a Visit Add information to a visit that has already been processed.
Chrome Signature Fix This document shows you how to turn on touch screen support in Google Chrome.
Configuring Presets for Weight or Items This document walks you through the steps to automatically record default value/s when using weight or Number of Items in Programs.

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