Volunteer/Team Reports

FoodBank Manager has five reports currently available.

  • Team Appreciation Report: Provides a list of volunteers that gave at least an hour of their time for your organization. This report is for the old style volunteer time management system.
  • Time Entry Details Report: This report provides the specific details regarding the volunteer's time activity. This report is for the new volunteer system 'Time Tracker'.
  • Time Entry Summary Report: This provides summed data catagorized by the control fields you utilize and are grouped by the volunteer. This report is for the new volunteer system 'Time Tracker'.
  • Team Options Report: This provides which volunteers have certain skills, training or other factors that are assigned to them using the 'Team Options' that your organization uses.
  • Team Export: This is a raw data export providing you the volunteer account information you choose to work with.
We are currently working on the help page for each of these reports and will post them as soon as they are completed.

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