Visit Page Overview

Create Visit Config allows you to set up your visit page in an order that flows best for your pantry. To customize the order of the visit fields, go to Settings > Create Visit Config.

In the image above, there are two fields that have the word ‘Remove’ next to them and five fields that do not.

The five fields that do not offer a remove option are Guest #, Help Desired, Custom Visit Fields, ID Presented and Signature because they are system fields. This does not mean that you must use them, some can be set to 'Hide' so they will not show on the visit page. Of these five, ‘Help Desired’ does not have a 'Hide' option as it is needed to process a visit.

To make changes to…

Guest #:  Go to Settings > Settings > Create Visit > Basic Settings > Guest # > Set to Show or Hide > Save.

Custom Visit Fields:  Go to Settings > Custom Fields > Visit. From here you can create new visit fields or hide existing fields you no longer want to use. (for more info – click here for custom fields)

ID Presented:  Go to Settings > Settings > Create Visit > Identification > Here you will see 3 options that can be customized and then set to Show or Hide > Save.

Signature:  There are two areas that contain signature settings that determine how signatures work within your visit process. You can make a signature required, make it optional or hide the signature field through the use of different signature setting combinations.

  1. Make a signature required or not required:  Go to Settings > Tracking Methods > Edit or Create a Tracking Method and set Signature to 'Required' or 'Not Required' > Save.
    • Required: Will always display the signature box and requires that a signature is taken before the visit can be saved.
    • Not Required: The signature box may or may not be displayed, it depends on the next setting. (See #2 Below)

  2. Hide a signature or make optional:  Go to Settings > Settings > Create Visit > Basic Settings > Signature > Set to ‘Show When Required’ or ‘Always Show’ > Save.
    • Hide the Signature Box: Set this setting to ‘Show When Required’, hiding the signature box unless setting #1 is required.
    • Make the Signature Optional: Set this setting to ‘Always Show’, forcing the signature box to be visible, making it optional. If setting #1 is set to required it is no longer optional.

Pick Up Person and Household Total:  These fields were added to enhance the visit process and can be removed.

The next two screenshots are added to allow you to compare what settings in the first screen look like (settings page) and how those settings effect the visit page (second screenshot).

You may have noticed that Guest # is not showing on the ‘Create New Visit’ page. This is because it was set to ‘Hide’ using the steps above.

Note: To re-order the fields on the settings page, left click > hold > drag field into place > drop.
A signature box should never be placed above the 'Help Desired' section.

Adding Fields to the Visit Page

To add more fields, click on the drop-down box next to the gold key. Find the field you want to add and click on it.

Next, click on ‘Add Item’. In this example, you will see that 3 new fields were added.

Position the fields in a flow that works best for you. (Left click > hold > drag field into place > drop) In the example below, those fields were moved to the top of the visit page.

Removing Fields from the Visit Page

To remove items, click on the ‘Remove’ link next to the field. These items will return to the drop-down menu so they can be added later if needed.

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