Hunger Justice means more resources are available to everyone when distributed fairly to those in need within your community.

No one likes to say no to someone asking for help. It is difficult, unsettling but unfortunately sometimes necessary. Necessary if people are coming more frequently than you allow, or are exploiting the system. Pantries do not have an unlimited amount of supplies.

Hunger Justice comes into play by allowing your pantry to fairly and equitably provide services to more guests while preventing waste, fraud and abuse.

This is accomplished through FoodBank Manager's adjustable visit limitation script built into the system. These features control how often a household can return for services. It also prevents multiple individuals from the same household receiving services, if the household has already received their allotment for a set period. The limitation feature is applied separately to each goods, service or program that you offer.

FoodBank Manager can prevent:

  • Households being served more than they should in a given time period.
  • Multiple people from the same household trying to receive services as different households.
  • Households receiving the same services from multiple pantries in your area.


Using our free Associations feature you can link your goods, services and programs to other pantries in your area that are using FoodBank Manager extending Hunger Justice throughout that network of pantries. You choose what services to link to the association and which are private to your pantry. This creates a safe, secure, and private network.

Example: Your pantry provides food and utility bill assistance. Your policy for food is guests can come once a month even if they received food from another pantry this month. You provide utility bill assistance once every six months. Using FoodBank Manager's Associations feature you can ensure that you are not paying their electric bill after another pantry has already paid it. FoodBank Manager's Associations will identify when this is happening allowing you to decide how to handle it.

Other shared database sysytems share everything throughout the entire network providing no client privacy. FoodBank Manager's Associations feature allows you to have the benefit of a shared database with complete client privacy.

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