FoodBank Manager Database Configurations

FoodBank Manager is specifically designed to work for many different agency or pantry combinations such as: a single standalone pantry or mobile pantry; a larger organization using a shared database for all their locations (multi-site) and Asssociations, another powerful tool available, can be added to create specific visitation links between any databases using FoodBank Manager.

  1. Single Pantry Database: This is the most common setup, one database for one pantry. It provides 100% privacy for your guests and their information. Only people you give permission to can access this information. All your data, numbers and reports are centered around one location.

  2. Multi-Site Database setup for One Agency: This setup is exactly the same as the single pantry database with the exception that more than one location shares the same database. Larger pantries that have more than one location providing goods and services normally use this. All your data, numbers and reports are specific to each location and aggregate reporting of all locations is provided.

  3. Multi-Site Database setup for Multiple Agencies/Pantries: This setup is the same as the Multi-Site Database with the exception that each location represents a privately owned pantry not multiple locations for the same pantry. This is normally used by a Food Bank that has more than one pantry or agency that they are partnered with and are providing a subscription to FoodBank Manager. All your data, numbers and reports are specific to each location and aggregate reporting of all locations is provided.

  4. Associations: This feature is best used between a group of pantries allowing them to better manage their programs. It is simple to use and designed to alert an agency when a guest comes in to use a program you offer and they have already benefited from it at a different location in the same time period. It is a policing tool designed to privately track visits between participating pantries using FoodBank Manager. You may not want to limit a person from receiving food from a variety of pantries however; you may want to limit how many pantries help them with any financial assistance. This can work for any goods and services you wish to limit if the person has already received it somewhere else. Associations are available for any combination of database setups.

Regardless of the database configuration used you will enjoy the consistency of data being collected and the privacy each installation provides.

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