FoodBank Manager is a dynamic system created to allow you the freedom to transform your database to work the way you do. We believe you should be able to run your pantry the way you want to run it and not be forced to do it only one way. It is like having a custom crafted system built for you for only $29.95 a month.

The best part is it does not require special knowledge or training, you can do it with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Remember we are always here to assist you in any changes you wish to make. Here are some of the many features that FBM provides you.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Use an unlimited number of custom fields for guest records, others in the household, the visit and survey process, volunteer records, time tracker, donations, donors and the days end report.

Factoid: Over 31,000 different custom fields have been made using FBM. These are unique fields and each field collects different information and demographics needed for that pantry's grants or programs they are participating in.

13 Types of Custom Fields Available

  • Dropdown Menu Field
  • Text Field - Short
  • Text Field - Long
  • Number Field
  • Multi-Choice Field
  • Radio Button Field
  • Yes / No Field
  • Date Field
  • Email Field
  • Phone Number Field
  • File Upload Field
  • Signature Fields
  • Relationship Field

Custom Visit Flow

You can set the flow of your visit process to meet your procedures.

Field Management

You can turn on or off fields, or edit existing fields to better meet your needs.

Custom Permission Sets

Set permissions on who can and cannot see certain fields for added security.

Customizable Print Request

Create custom receipts or custom documents that can be used for the warehouse, visit process, vouchers, pick lists and much more.

USDA Signature Forms

Have your TEFAP, CSFP or other signature forms added to FBM to run your pantry paperless.

Automated Eligibility Checks

Automatically determine client eligibility through custom logic you can add to the tracking methods.

Customizable Security

Customizable Security/Access Control using the personal firewall, groups and permissions, failed login rules and more.

General Customization

General customization allows you to set your fiscal year, pantry name, age groupings and identification requirements.

Manage the electronic signature requirements for guests, proxy, volunteers and days end report. You can even customize the calendar.

Custom Resource Management

Track and manage all of your resources using an unlimited number of tracking methods. Use the tracking methods to manage items such as:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • EFP - USDA
  • Christmas Programs
  • Financial Assistance
  • Prescription Vouchers
  • Co-pay Vouchers
  • Any Event
  • Food Gift Cards
  • Clothing Vouchers
  • Gas, Bus Vouchers
  • Back to School
  • Turkey Program
  • Appliances
  • And Much More!

Custom Visit Frequency

Set custom client return frequency for each individual service you provide.

Custom Reporting

Custom create reports for guests, guest visits, donors and donations, volunteers and volunteer hours. These custom crafted reports can be saved to run at anytime.

Custom Field Management

Turn on or off, or make required over 75 different premade fields

Donation and Time Tracker Features

Donation Tool and Time Tracker features are fully customizable.

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